My Last Political Post… For real!

This will be my last political post here. I have given up on politics because it is so much like swimming in scat with the filth that is politico. Part of this has to do with wikileaks but mostly because of President Obama the biggest loser!

Let’s face it, know one really knows about wikileaks… they seem to be a violent group against the United States but I see them as a big bunch of political bovine scatological s that want to bring the free world to its knees. In a phrase… they suck…

Wikileaks is a group that hides itself… not wanting anyone to know whom they are or whom really pays their bills. That should send up a red flag to anyone but it looks like the American people are being stupid again… much like they believed the PR hype when Obama ran for President. But weak minded people will follow them much like they voted for Obama. PR BS at its best right?

Mr. Assange and Mr. Obama have something in common, both are ego driven and have no intellect what-so-ever, they are for themselves and no one else… period… blow hards… that need to be placed into the dust bin of history.

Mr. Assange of wikileaks should find himself work in Hollywood… perhaps as the lead zombie in a re-make of the ‘night of the living dead’….

But Obama needs to get a clue… he is a real nobody that needs to find a real position in this world… he might make a good server at a Micky Dee’s or some such. Something his mentality could handle. Burger flipper at best but floor sweeper at the very least.

Do you want to know the truth about why Obama bows to every evil despot in the world? Well let’s get honest, he wants to give them head because he is a closet gay. Don’t get me wrong gay guys are fine but those closet gays like Obama really are a pain in the butt… get it??? pain in the butt?? heh

He also feels like the slave to the slave masters… he is a slave to every evil doer in the world and he knows his place. He hates the people of the U.S. but to the despots he is a slave… figures right?

So let’s get real! What has Obama done for people of color??? Absolutely nothing, in fact the lives of folks of color is much worse because of higher taxes and food costs. So much for the ‘savior’… he is a BS artist!

Like it or not, the voters were lied to and now we are left with a big stinking pile of scat… thank you Obama and Assange… you are really “Ass and Cheese”… go away for the sake of ‘real’ people… GOTO 7734!

  1. June 11, 2011 at 7:08 pm

    Obamas free pass from Congress and the Senate to destroy America and our Constitution must be stopped. Congress needs to be forced to address the traitors in govt cloaked under (D) or (R) loyal to Obama, Soros etc. How about this idea, a Congressional Reform Act for 2011?

    Shouldnt something like this be first on the list so everything else can fall into place? Perhaps if the Tea Party pushed for a simple easy to understand reform act the Tea Party Grass-Roots Movement would Induce (someone would step up) a 2012 Platform Supported by the majority to Reclaim What Govt has stolen?

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