Is the TSA the Real Problem Here?

Excuse me for this post being more of a rant than a real blog but I need to get my blood pressure down a bit 🙂

I have re-posted John Tyner’s original blog on this site today telling the sad tale of his experience with the TSA, I have read it a few times and I have come to the following.

It really isn’t the TSA’s fault in this, they are just following orders from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). They are the villains in this and we need to understand that point up front.

The DHS is a hold over from the bush years and something that might have been a good idea if it could only be implemented properly but that simply can’t be done in a ‘free’ society.

We all have heard the stories about the TSA hiring totally unqualified personnel such as non-citizens, rapists and sex criminals but what about the DHS staff? Are they all as ‘clean as the driven snow’??? I think not…

Let me leave you with this little tidbit to chew on, I know a few folks that plan to work for the DHS that simply cannot be considered emotionally stable enough, in my opinion, to work in a parking garage. Now don’t misunderstand me, I am not a professional in the matters of emotional stability but I do know when a person brags that they are going to ‘get’ this person or that person, you know these folks are gathering a ‘laundry list’ of different people to harass once they get into power. Scary stuff…

So I am sure that the DHS has some real problems and I curse President Bush for creating this trillion dollar ‘pig in a poke’ and I curse President Obama for his ‘change’ that is only making matters so much worse.

We need to weed these people out and keep out the emotionally disturbed from working at TSA and DHS. Where do we start? From the top down and the bottom up at the same time. We need better people than what we have now or might get in the future if this continues.

When all of these folks are out of work President Obama would serve us well by re-starting the WPA… broom ready jobs, and put the power hungry and emotional wash outs to work sweeping the streets… just don’t let them get behind you because getting hit in the back of the head with a broom hurts.

A more formal paper in this, with documents to back a few issues up, is now being written and will be provided to ‘the powers that be’ for their consideration.

thanks for listening 😉

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