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I’m Back !!!!!

Hi all,

Well after a long rest I am back on WordPress.  With a new multicore computer done up for music and video.  Yes, I plan to do video… when… not sure but anyway 🙂

Got a few personal stories to tell that will, hopefully, make you laugh… at me of course… trying to stay away from politics is hard for me but I have a twitter account to deal with such things.  Facebook… I don’t like all that much but it is a matter of the format rather than the people.

Spring seems to have come a bit early in the State of Maine, warm and the Crocus are in bloom best part; no more snow!!!!  Got to love that and I do.  Burned wood again this winter because wood is one of the truly renewable heat sources.  I believe in cutting down trees only like a gardener weeds out his garden, so don’t go environ-mental on me OK?  Got my electric usage down by 300%, how you might ask?  I shut off a lot of stuff starting with that foolish box called TV.  Now I use a single light at night and run the computers…  What else?  Don’t ask because you wouldn’t want to go down this road…  trust me!

Took a few pictures of the planet Mars last night but there was a mystery light source that made a second image on the shots.  No big deal because I will just enlarge the part that shows Mars, the other would have folks saying I caught a UFO in the picture, more than likely it was an outside light from a neighbor but I will try to reproduce the effect again… we shall see.

It appears that the clouds are coming in so no star shots tonight so I will work on the little IR light project, I want to test this simple camera’s sensitivity to IR light. Why?  For something to do and it keeps the mind busy 🙂  It is getting harder for me to work with these little electronic parts because of my eyes but I find ‘work a-rounds’ to these little problems.

Well need to stop… hey! this is almost a ‘letter’… got to stop that ehhh?

Later all and Love You Brunhilda!


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