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Wikileaks, Assange and Anonymous… Who Do You Trust?

December 6, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

well for some reason the original rant went away… hmmmm… I wonder why? Oh well call it the digital beasties at work I guess 🙂

It seems that Wikileaks is now going to release Swiss bank information about folks that have those types of accounts. Rumors are flying as to whom will be named in these documents, I suspect not anyone that might be even moderately well known, I could be wrong but…

i don’t expect to see names like; Bush, Clinton, Soros, Kerry et al but perhaps names of persons from Countries such as India, the Middle East and perhaps Africa. Another guess by me, an opinion.

The point was made by a friend of mine that releasing information such as this might be a ‘rights’ issue for the individuals being named, that puts a very interesting slant on the wikileak process does it not? I think attorneys will be a big winner in this matter for sure and might put Mr. Assange of Wikileaks in a much worse position than he is in now. I am sure that those Swiss banks will stop at nothing to protect their image, that being said please remember the situation of the Swiss Banks during the Second World War, aiding the Nazi etc.

I spent some time today just playing with different theories involving Wikileaks, the hacker group that protects them i.e. Anonymous etc… You can call them wild theories, even conspiracy theories but still fertile ground for thought.

The following is in the ‘what if’ class and has no real basis in fact OK? I will place myself in the first person as it is easier for me to write that way

Now if I were to have an ‘enemies list’ (I do not…) but if I did and wanted to bring disgrace to these ‘enemies’ it would be helpful for me to have information, say hidden banks account information, on these individuals. But as lists go I know there will be individuals that I don’t want to harm on this list so I would remove those that I have no problem with.

Now with this list in hand I could pass it on to a group, such as Wikileaks. to make public. I being the leak-er would take my hits also but my motives would be served well by this action. Revenge is sweet they say…

Now the same could be done with cables from the State Department, I would remove the cables that don’t serve my purpose and leave the ones that put a bad face on my enemies, again, motives served well and by the hands of another.

So where does a group like Anonymous enter into this? Easy, several Governments want to have control of freedom of speech and action over the internet, even the United Nations is calling for restrictions in these matters.

If I were the U.N. or Obama, I would dearly love to have this group acting as irresponsible as they are, I might even fund them or maybe even create them for such a purpose. The public is having web sites they used shut down by denial of service attacks, passwords and personal information being made public etc, by this Anonymous group… This would work for the control of the web motive so very well… and it is…

This Anonymous group says they are for ‘freedom of speech’, this only applies to their speech but not those that speak against them. When hackers bring down a web site by any means it is a criminal operation, when hackers make public personal passwords and other information it is criminal… there is no doubt or question about that but they cry like babies when their sites are taken down or their personal information is made public…

Wikileaks has not distanced themselves from the hacker group Anonymous so i am left to conclude that they are one in the same, sure that’s my opinion but it is what I feel and it is my freedom of speech that allows me to say it.

That’s they way I see it and if you support Wikileaks or Anonymous you are as much of the problems as the asshats in the governments and persons you are attacking.

End of rant… GOTO7734


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