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If Bush Has an IQ of 60 then Obama has an IQ of 20…

December 6, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

OK folks… I am fed up with the political situation in these United States. If bush was a moron that Obama is a sub-moron…

Wikileaks came about on Obama’s watch… that tells me he is more than just stupid but he is a useless tool. He is only interested in his golf game and playing hoops which anyone with a brain would realize he is just a poser… phony… BS agent and a tool….

Bush should have been impeached but Obama needs to be impeached… Obama is a fool and has no intellect what-so-ever… He is just a pupets of those that really are ‘the powers that be’… I don’t care if you are a Repub or Democrat you are both phonys… Just playing the American people to maximize you damned profits… A criminal crew you are and you need to be placed into the nearest jail for your crimes against the MAerican people.

Now is the time for all good American People to come to the call of the cause… It is time to smash both of the parties… We need to take this Country back by whatever means that is called for… time to dump the fools and take this Country back… It is back to 1775 as far as I am concerned… This is war by whatever definition you might call war…

The U.S. house et al needs to be brought up on charges of violation of the will of the people, they have done us over and this needs to end right now! Any person within the house needs to be brought up on charges of working against the will of the people. These charges must also point to these persons wanting and working towards making their personal fortunes a mass… That is a violation of the ways that this Governemt were made and issued… Criminals need to go to jail… NOW!

Any person that disagrees with this is to be considered an enemy of the people and should be judged as such… This Country can no longer allow violations against the people… these criminals need to be judged and jailed for their offences.

Take America Back now!!!

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