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Wikileaks, Assange and Anonymous… Who Do You Trust?

December 6, 2010 2 comments

well for some reason the original rant went away… hmmmm… I wonder why? Oh well call it the digital beasties at work I guess 🙂

It seems that Wikileaks is now going to release Swiss bank information about folks that have those types of accounts. Rumors are flying as to whom will be named in these documents, I suspect not anyone that might be even moderately well known, I could be wrong but…

i don’t expect to see names like; Bush, Clinton, Soros, Kerry et al but perhaps names of persons from Countries such as India, the Middle East and perhaps Africa. Another guess by me, an opinion.

The point was made by a friend of mine that releasing information such as this might be a ‘rights’ issue for the individuals being named, that puts a very interesting slant on the wikileak process does it not? I think attorneys will be a big winner in this matter for sure and might put Mr. Assange of Wikileaks in a much worse position than he is in now. I am sure that those Swiss banks will stop at nothing to protect their image, that being said please remember the situation of the Swiss Banks during the Second World War, aiding the Nazi etc.

I spent some time today just playing with different theories involving Wikileaks, the hacker group that protects them i.e. Anonymous etc… You can call them wild theories, even conspiracy theories but still fertile ground for thought.

The following is in the ‘what if’ class and has no real basis in fact OK? I will place myself in the first person as it is easier for me to write that way

Now if I were to have an ‘enemies list’ (I do not…) but if I did and wanted to bring disgrace to these ‘enemies’ it would be helpful for me to have information, say hidden banks account information, on these individuals. But as lists go I know there will be individuals that I don’t want to harm on this list so I would remove those that I have no problem with.

Now with this list in hand I could pass it on to a group, such as Wikileaks. to make public. I being the leak-er would take my hits also but my motives would be served well by this action. Revenge is sweet they say…

Now the same could be done with cables from the State Department, I would remove the cables that don’t serve my purpose and leave the ones that put a bad face on my enemies, again, motives served well and by the hands of another.

So where does a group like Anonymous enter into this? Easy, several Governments want to have control of freedom of speech and action over the internet, even the United Nations is calling for restrictions in these matters.

If I were the U.N. or Obama, I would dearly love to have this group acting as irresponsible as they are, I might even fund them or maybe even create them for such a purpose. The public is having web sites they used shut down by denial of service attacks, passwords and personal information being made public etc, by this Anonymous group… This would work for the control of the web motive so very well… and it is…

This Anonymous group says they are for ‘freedom of speech’, this only applies to their speech but not those that speak against them. When hackers bring down a web site by any means it is a criminal operation, when hackers make public personal passwords and other information it is criminal… there is no doubt or question about that but they cry like babies when their sites are taken down or their personal information is made public…

Wikileaks has not distanced themselves from the hacker group Anonymous so i am left to conclude that they are one in the same, sure that’s my opinion but it is what I feel and it is my freedom of speech that allows me to say it.

That’s they way I see it and if you support Wikileaks or Anonymous you are as much of the problems as the asshats in the governments and persons you are attacking.

End of rant… GOTO7734


If Bush Has an IQ of 60 then Obama has an IQ of 20…

December 6, 2010 Leave a comment

OK folks… I am fed up with the political situation in these United States. If bush was a moron that Obama is a sub-moron…

Wikileaks came about on Obama’s watch… that tells me he is more than just stupid but he is a useless tool. He is only interested in his golf game and playing hoops which anyone with a brain would realize he is just a poser… phony… BS agent and a tool….

Bush should have been impeached but Obama needs to be impeached… Obama is a fool and has no intellect what-so-ever… He is just a pupets of those that really are ‘the powers that be’… I don’t care if you are a Repub or Democrat you are both phonys… Just playing the American people to maximize you damned profits… A criminal crew you are and you need to be placed into the nearest jail for your crimes against the MAerican people.

Now is the time for all good American People to come to the call of the cause… It is time to smash both of the parties… We need to take this Country back by whatever means that is called for… time to dump the fools and take this Country back… It is back to 1775 as far as I am concerned… This is war by whatever definition you might call war…

The U.S. house et al needs to be brought up on charges of violation of the will of the people, they have done us over and this needs to end right now! Any person within the house needs to be brought up on charges of working against the will of the people. These charges must also point to these persons wanting and working towards making their personal fortunes a mass… That is a violation of the ways that this Governemt were made and issued… Criminals need to go to jail… NOW!

Any person that disagrees with this is to be considered an enemy of the people and should be judged as such… This Country can no longer allow violations against the people… these criminals need to be judged and jailed for their offences.

Take America Back now!!!

Wikileaks… If I were President…

December 5, 2010 Leave a comment

I speak for myself but I think maybe I might have some inside knowledge of this Wilileaks situation.

If I were President of the U.S. Wikileaks would be a g-d send to me, what better news would I have been able to put before the world than something that takes everyones eye off the ‘ball’… think about it… The economy is in the tank so wikileaks makes everyone look else where. works for the President don’t you think?

Now we all know about how the DHS and ICE took down all of those Hip Hop music sites just a few weeks agao right? So why wasn’t that don’t in ‘real-time’ with wikileaks unless the President wanted to have this garbage dumped on the world…. It seems to really work ehhh???

But why Hip Hop music sites? Well that is to get the attention of Obama’s base. Let’s face facts here, sure there are some white dudes that listen to Hip Hop but… perhaps more blacks listen to this music… Just a thought.

What I see happening is a Soros type of insider trading being put down by Assange and his buddies and this will cost the American tax payer billions of dollars. Soros was convited of insider trading in France and is well known for his destruction of the Pound Sterling in the U.K. this is just Assange doing the same but on a world wide basis.

If these enconomic games don’t work that isn’t a real problem because Obama will bail his friends out like he has done for so many of the world banks. Obama is owned by the banks and will pay any amount to his buddies and friends to keep them from going bankrupt and he will do it with the American tax payers dollars.

They make quite the pair, Obama and Assange… out to rip off anyone they can’t to fill their pockets with tax payer money. It’s time to put an end to all of this money play… Obama need to be impeached and Assange needs to be brought before the world court for insider trading,,,

Just an opinion from me and if you don’t like it don’t read it OK?


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WIKILEAKS? Should they be trusted?

December 4 2010
by Vincent Werber

Well many of us have watched the Wikileaks situation play out, so much like a badly produced action movie… I have to sit back and say… “what the hell is really going on here?”

I cannot think of a better way for the Obama Administration to fast track any internet laws, rules, and shut down Freedom of Speech. Some of us can see Wikileaks for what they really are, a simple tool to get the World Wide Web under the control, of all Governments involved of course I cannot prove that but can I prove the authenticity of any of the documents released by Wikileaks? NO! It simply cannot be done.

But let’s look closer at Wikileaks. Who are they really? Where do they get their money? And how do they get their information in the first place? No one knows and considering that Wikileaks claims to make things open they seem to keep their ‘books’ out of the public view… That should raise a red flag to everyone.

As I said on Twitter, “Wikileaks is Obama wetting himself and Hillary refusing to change his diaper”, Just a bit of my ‘potty humour’ for all to enjoy but I got a reply that said “I was not all that far off”. I suspect that reply came from a person that believes that the dumping of the documents was just a crude way of Obama wanting to get rid of Ms. Clinton but who really knows?

Now here is a question that needs to be answered, just what information will be released by Wikileaks? The claim is that they have received so many documents from every corner of the world and that includes many banks and companies. OK fine but will only information at appeals to Mr. Assange be released? What is his true motives here? Is this just another scam to leverage the money markets, banks, Wall Street, et al? And what politics will this satisfy?

Wikileaks likes to say that they are not political but let us understand that the very fact that they are releasing documents that may effect political matters that they are not being truthful because everything that Wikileaks has done to date is very political… it reeks of politics… it reeks of some sort of money making scheme and perhaps even reeks of social engineering.

It has been reported in a number of different blogs and the major news media that many of the original Wikileaks membership have jumped ship because Mr. Assange has changed the ‘rules’ from the prior intent of the organization. These persons that have left Wikileaks intend to form their own web based organizations to go forward with the original intent of what was Wikileaks. Mr. Assange told these folks too; “piss off” as it is claimed.

Now let me address the claims of the DoS of the web sites used by Wikileaks. Wikileaks has big problems in the area of keeping any web site up because of ‘denial of service (DoS)’. Of course many will think that this situation would be caused by any of the Governments involved but the dirty secret is that Wikileaks has enraged many of the world’s hackers and they are the ones that will follow Wikileaks for as long as they act the way they do. The opposing hackers have many reasons but mostly it is based in an increasing hatred of what Wikileaks’ Mr. Assange. Wikileaks is bringing too much pressure to bear on the underground hacker and they see this as a major offense.

It is well known that Mr. Assange is claimed to be a hacker but many in the gray world of hacking know that these claims are more bluster than brass. It is said that he could not make it in the world of being a true hacker so he is taking it out on the entire world. Classic ‘little man’ syndrome but I cannot speak on that because I not a professional in that area of science 🙂

Now I need to make this clear, Mr. Assange is NOT a hacker but is nothing more than a two bit cracker. The difference being is a ‘hacker’ is a person that knows his operating system but a ‘cracker’ is a person that breaks into other persons computers to gain information that they should not have… the later is criminal.

What I am trying to say here is simply this: Wikileaks should NOT be trusted, they have kept a heavy cloud over their organization that leads me to believe that they are NOT what they claim to be. They are not open, their true motives are not known and should not be given any more credit than the street gossip that they are. If a source cannot be cited than the information is worth nothing, therefore it is pure gossip.

Of course there are those in this world that just love reading other peoples mail… that is a personal problem for those people but never should one believe all that one hears or reads, time to think for yourself people! I simply did not find anything in these documents that I haven’t already read on the web or in books…. It’s old news and not worth my time.

These Wikileaks documents have been compared to the Climategate documents but the fact is that the Climategate documents were verified by many of the persons that wrote the Climategate emails… there is a difference, a big difference. Learn it, love it.

I have a term for the Wikileaks documents… GIGO… meaning ‘garbage in, garbage out’

So that ends this rant… BTW…. TANGO DOWN!!! 😉