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And G-D Spoke and STUXNET Became A Hex (code) Unto the Enemy!!!

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And G-D Spoke and STUXNET Became A Hex (code) Unto the Enemy!!!
The Tux Trio

So is the STUXNET a cyber-warfare tool or just some hex code from the Net G-ds? You make up your own mind but it has to be dealt with in this world that has made these silly machines called computers so much of our daily lives and central to the functioning of those lives.

Code wise it is said that STUXNET is one bit of amazing coding… To say the least it looks to have done its job so we can safely say that it isn’t a Microsoft product.

Let me say one this about STUXNET, it has infected the nuclear infrastructure of Iran and all of their attempts to disinfect their systems have failed, in fact they have made the problem so much worse. If Iran wants to be rid of the STUXNET they will have to replace all of their computer based systems, all of them. Time to rebuild Shorty!

In my opinion STUXNET was designed so specifically that only the systems in Iran will feel the effects of it. This must have been done with full knowledge of each individual components internal signature being known. That information came from the very early days of the invasion with the needed data being sent to the computer center in Malaysia.

Once all of the data was collected the STUXNET reconfigured itself to attack individual component parts within the Iranian Nuclear computer system, STUXNET now has total control of their system and by total I mean every little thing. Valves, meters etc will display exactly what the STUXNET tells it to. It might be fun to see what will happen in the real world if the control rods of a nuclear plant are modulated to a certain frequency… Think of the possibilities. And the computers will say… everything is fine, nothing to see here… as the containment building starts to shake at a <10HZ signal.

Perhaps the cooling system might be shut down… of course most of us know what that will do, as the entire core sinks slowly into the earth… '…but the computer says it isn't over heating!!!'… yeah right, and you guys just keep thinking that way

Oh yeah let’s move on to other things because nuclear plants are so tacky. Let’s not forget that there are control systems on things like missiles, oil drilling rigs, oil storage and aircraft. ‘Why did that jet just fall from the sky???’ could it have been STUXNET??? No one will ever know now will they?

Iran normally points fingers to anyone that they see standing in their way when it comes to things like this so why are they being so quiet? Where is the cry ‘the joooows’? Maybe it wasn’t Israel… maybe you have been taken down by say; Russia, China, U.S., or just maybe… it might be your own doing? It just boggles the mind doesn’t it? 🙂

Shorty… that’s what you get for not buying your Microsoft products and registering them. From some of the screen shots I have seen of your software set up… you didn’t even bother to set up the Siemens software correctly… tsk tsk tsk… But copyright issues are the least of your problems ehhh Shorty? Push a button and see what happens, come on, just for the hell of it push a button 🙂 Make my day punk!

So be truthful Shorty, just how many of those centrifuges of yours been damaged… forever? No one seems to be talking about those little gadgets do they? There goes the enrichment program to hell (literally if you turn anything on).

So there you go Shorty!!! And good luck in the contest! 🙂

‘What’s that I hear now, ringing in my ears… it’s the sound of freedom calling up to the sky’… Phil Oches

“This is not some hacker sitting in the basement of his
parents’ house,”

`Ralf Langner, a German cyber security specialist


If mankind is ever to achieve peace, the first step will be
made when people realize that today’s peace movements
are not advocates for peace.

Ayn Rand

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