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A Mosque at Ground Zero??? Do these People have any Sensitivity at ALL? No Compassion?

I can’t even believe that a Mosque at Ground Zero is being talked about much less being considered being built. Some say we must be tolerent… well why don’t you be tolerent while I stick this fork deep into your eye?

Daisy Kuhn says that anyone that disagrees with the building of the Mosque; ‘hates Muslims’… That just isn’t so, but I am sensitive to those persons that lost loved ones and friends at Ground Zero and I sure as hell remember that the ‘books’ those mass murderers were carrying weren’t Bibles… they were carrying the Koran… They were Muslims… and I haven’t heard Daisy Kuhn denounce those mass murders… not once have I heard her call them ‘haters’… Bloody thirsty mass murderers they were and they were Muslim… deal with it!

Mayor Bloomberg… he is a bigot himself, uses hate speech against Native American people but no one blinks an eye when he does that, after all, we are just Natives… right?… He supports the building of this Mosque at Ground Zero… why would that surprise me? He stands to make money on this deal I am quite sure, can’t prove it yet but his money is in there somewhere I am sure!

President Obama couldn’t keep his big mouth shut and spoke of the ‘right’ to build the Mosque. Well technically he is correct but morally is is actting like the stupid arse that he has turned out to be. Good going el presidente… You are insuring that no other person of color will ever be elected President of the U.S. ever again… Good job.. you are a disgrace!

And if you didn’t know… It was Native people that layed the steel for the twin towers… They were a monument of Native American ability… I wonder if any Native people would bother to answer a call to work on this Mosque? If I know Native people… they will pass because they know their enemies and they have a damned long memory…

If the Mosque does happen to get built… I will find it quite funny when Allah sees fit to drop a huge rock on top of the building and push it deep into the ground… I do hope that there isn’t anyone inside when it happens. I am sure all of the Muslim men will be across the street at the Muslim gay bar that will be going up there soon… Allah does have a sense of humor you know.

The ‘Holy’ Koran says that Muslims should not take Jews or Christians as friends… I guess all of those jews and Christians are just showing you the same respect that you show them, you had best learn to live with it because folks like me have.

That’s my opinion, if you don’t like it well… you know what you can do, get out your prayer rug and be watchful of those behind you…

  1. ren
    August 24, 2010 at 10:58 pm

    Have you heard the latest on Daisy’s Lord and Master? He said in a speech that the United States has shed more blood of others then al-kie kie has ever done…since the beginning of time.

    He also said that it wasn’t murder of innocent victims in London and Spain. Hamas had a “reason” to do so, so that makes it okay.

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