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Why Does the U.S. Government refuse to stop drug Traffic from Mexico?

First off let me address illegals… Why not stop them? That is simple to answer, Republicans need cheap labor, unions need union dues and Democrates need cheap votes… See how simple that was???

Now about the drug cartels…

Mexico and the U.S. Governments are corrupt and are greedy… Plus add with that the fact that if you dry up the drug flow think of all of the hell that would create in major U.S. Cities like Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, LA etc… Tell me what politico would want to deal with thousands upon thousands of people going ‘cold turkey’??? Think about that one for awhile!

Now the stop of drugs would NOT effect Washington D.C. because the fat cats in the Administration get their drugs from Asia!!! No they would never use those awful drugs from the AMericas, they want the ‘good stuff’… Just ask Billy bob Clinton and his fat nose.

And don’t you ever think things are any different with Obama and his crew… they snort theirs with $1000.00 bills not $10 & $20 like the common folk. One hundred dollar stakes from Japan be damned… Asian drugs are the best!

So the voters must make up their minds… do they want demo or Repub junkies in office…??

SO the borders will always be open to the terrorist, criminals, welfare cheats and those few that really want to work… Thank those in D.C. for that and of course the drugs… right????

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