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Why Does the U.S. Government refuse to stop drug Traffic from Mexico?

July 26, 2010 Leave a comment

First off let me address illegals… Why not stop them? That is simple to answer, Republicans need cheap labor, unions need union dues and Democrates need cheap votes… See how simple that was???

Now about the drug cartels…

Mexico and the U.S. Governments are corrupt and are greedy… Plus add with that the fact that if you dry up the drug flow think of all of the hell that would create in major U.S. Cities like Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, LA etc… Tell me what politico would want to deal with thousands upon thousands of people going ‘cold turkey’??? Think about that one for awhile!

Now the stop of drugs would NOT effect Washington D.C. because the fat cats in the Administration get their drugs from Asia!!! No they would never use those awful drugs from the AMericas, they want the ‘good stuff’… Just ask Billy bob Clinton and his fat nose.

And don’t you ever think things are any different with Obama and his crew… they snort theirs with $1000.00 bills not $10 & $20 like the common folk. One hundred dollar stakes from Japan be damned… Asian drugs are the best!

So the voters must make up their minds… do they want demo or Repub junkies in office…??

SO the borders will always be open to the terrorist, criminals, welfare cheats and those few that really want to work… Thank those in D.C. for that and of course the drugs… right????


Under glare of Sherrod case, black farmers, INDIAN landowners still wait for settlement money

July 26, 2010 1 comment

I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of African Americans getting ‘top’ billing over Native AMericans in this stuff… It is time that Native Americans stop taking a back(sitting in the back of the bus) seat to African Americans… NATIVE AMERICANS WERE HERE FIRST!!! GOT IT BRO!!!! African Americans stole land from the first Nation People Too otherwise they wouldn’t have had it in the first place!! Native Americans should be the ‘first order’ in these issues!

Despite Sherrod Spotlight, Black Farmers Denied
Under glare of Sherrod case, black farmers, Indian landowners still wait for settlement money
July 23, 2010
WASHINGTON ? Black farmers, due $1.2 billion for a legacy of discrimination by the Agriculture Department, suffered a new and disheartening setback this week, despite the national spotlight provided by the quickly disavowed firing of a black department worker.
The Senate refused again to pay the bill.


FBI Warning of Al Qaeda Hit Lists, Bomb-Making Tips Led to Shutdown of Blogging Site

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Well the facts have just been made know about the WordPress blogging site that shut down so maany blogger sites, See the info at fox News at:

Rural Georgia blacks demand feds return expropriated land

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Descendants of black property owners in Georgia whose land was seized by the federal government at the beginning of WWII are locking horns with the US Fish & Wildlife Service. The black landowners want the government to give back what it took, and the bureaucrats want to hold on to what they have.

See the story at CFACT::

73,000 blogs shut down without due notice! (wordpress)

July 19, 2010 1 comment

73,000 blogs shut totally down at Blogotery (wordpress).

And earlier IPBFree was shut down and thousands more blogs and forums simply ‘go away’. The only reasons given were claims of ‘legal’ issues




Not to be out done, the Global Warming crowd fan the flames against blogs

Schneider warns blogs could create ‘civil war’! ‘I don’t want to see a civil war, and I worry about that if the blogosphere is carried to a logical extreme’

President Obama doesn’t get it about ‘birth and blood’…

July 17, 2010 Leave a comment

In his address to the country on immigration last week, President Obama said that “being an American is not a matter of blood or birth.”

Thank you Mr. President but… for a few of the people that were here first on Turtle Island is has a whole lot to do with ‘blood or birth’.

I find this comment very insensitive and maybe a tad racist…

But considering what you said to the first people about the Peaks… I have come to expect you to be more than a bit insensitive.

For more information about how the Democrats have screwed the the Native People once again see the following:

Maine Lakes Experience Early Problems -DEP Press Release

July 16, 2010 1 comment

Maine Lakes Experience Early Problems
July 15, 2010

Environmental Protection
Roy Bouchard 485-5705 cell Barb Welch 287-7682

(AUGUSTA)— Several Maine lakes, from York to Aroostook Counties, are turning green this year according to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Reports have come in to DEP about problems ranging from gooey thread-like masses of growth near the shore that typically last a few days, to lake-wide pea-green conditions that last weeks or months.
This excessive growth is an indicator that the water quality of Maine’s streams and lakes are in trouble.
DEP biologist Roy Bouchard states, “We know that an early thaw and warm water temperatures accelerate lake biology, sometimes to the point where lakes which usually don’t bloom have problems. Even shorelines that never had noticeable issues are experiencing sporadic blooms.”
“Many lakes showing these problems have been “on the edge” for years,” said Bouchard, “the result of development that builds up nutrients and sediment in our lakes. Many lakes have been waiting for the right weather to trigger a bloom, slowly getting worse without any warning until an exceptional year.”
“Whether a lake is changing or not, the climate is. The evidence is clear that Maine lakes have as much as two weeks less ice cover than before. Earlier ice out and warmer climate spell trouble for water quality, habitat, and wildlife,” according to Bouchard.
“Lakes are fragile, some more than others, but many are changing in unpredictable ways,” adds DEP biologist Barb Welch. “Soil erosion is the largest pollutant to impact Maine lakes. We need to stop feeding our lakes a diet high in soil and fertilizer regardless of climate change. The early ice out is showing us sooner which lakes are in trouble. What we do in our back yards does matter.”
Soil carries “hitchhiking” pollutants such as phosphorus, spilled oil and gas, fertilizer and pesticides. Phosphorus helps plants grow in the water, turning lakes green with algae blooms.
Simple things can be done like reducing or eliminating fertilizers and weed & bug killers in favor of raising the mower blade to 3” and leaving the clippings, a natural fertilizer, and stopping erosion on roads and driveways throughout lake watersheds. Welch encourages those on private roads to form associations to properly maintain their roads in order to protect their lake from the harmful effects of soil erosion. For more information go to and click on Camp Road Maintenance.
“We can also help make sure our communities do their share to protect lakes through Shoreland Zoning, good subdivision review, and managing town roads,” Welch added. ”These are not only smart things to do, but look to our future as well.”