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Pres-o-dent Obama’s Internet ‘Kill Switch’ and What to Do.

Pres-o-dent Obama’s Internet ‘Kill Switch’ and What to Do.
Vincent Werber
June 26, 2010

Well it seems likely that the Prez that isn’t will get his way and have an Internet Kill Switch at his right hand when all of the folks out here in the blog world get too far ‘out of hand/control’ and he finds a need to shut us up…

So be it… It doesn’t surprise me because this ‘progressive seminar community street thug’ has that type of respect for the Freedom of speech.

What to do…?

Well folks need to think along the lines of the pirate radio days of old and create a community ‘sub-network’ in the case of such a shut down. This could be done with modified Wi-Fi equipment using easily procured microwave technology. With this individuals could set up servers to provide news and information on a local and national level.

Heck… we could even use existing cell phone technology… hmmmm.

Information can also be moved around from area to area using CD’s, DVD’s, flash (pen) drives etc for longer distance communications.

This sounds like a great project for all of those nice folks in the ‘open source’ community. And with a little help from our friends that have practical electronics background… this is do-able…

All we need now is a central HQ to work up the ideas, software and hardware needed to make this work…

Remember… WE WILL NOT SUBMIT!!!! This is an official call to ‘keyboard’!


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