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BP the “GREEN” Oil Company and Obama’s Lack of Action

BP the “GREEN” Oil Company and Obama’s Lack of Action.
Vincent Werber

come on boys and girls, let us look at this from the point of reality and reason. BP oil is known by environmentalist as a serial violator and Obama seems uninterested in the entire issue of the Gulf oil spill. Why is that?

Well it is so simple when you realize that Obama and his friends collect millions of dollars from BP and of course BP is totally behind any effort to pass ‘cap and trade’ rules, regulations and laws. It is obvious to anyone that can read and understand these things that BP and the Obama administration are tucked into a well, money insulated, bed together.

After years and years of the environmental folks screaming about oil spills in general, you would think that our governmental offices would have some sort of response plan drawn up if such a spill might happen. What happened to Obama’s promise to be an ‘environmental’ President? It is my opinion that the only environment that Obama is interested in is his own political environment ! There is such a plan but no one seemed interested in checking it out much less doing it!

Now Obama is talking about ‘kicking ass’, well he needs to learn how to kick his own ass because while he has been out partying and playing golf etc, he has let this spill get so out of hand that it will be the worse spill and environmental disaster in American history. Thank you Mr. ‘environmental’ president. Are you really that totally stupid, or do you wish that people like myself will ignore this simply because you are Obama ‘the chosen one’ ?

Now I’m not an engineer or some big shot ‘scientist’ like the ‘global climate change’ gang but here’s my ‘fix’ for this problem… a Tampon… a very large Tampon shoved down that leaky pipe that is giving so much trouble. Now I didn’t draw up any plans or run any statistics for this, it just came to me in a vision but hell… it just might work! And it is better than sitting around talking scat like Obama and his big money ‘green’ oil company BP.

Obama is proving once again that he is the ‘no balls, no brains’ President!

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