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The Global Warming/Climate Change Thing Again

The Global Warming / Climate Change Thing Again
Vincent G. Werber

Well there isn’t much I can say about this subject that persons of much more education than I have not already said but here I go again.

The latest SNAFU has to deal with so called ‘peer reviewed’ journals using photoshop’ed pictures and I cannot keep from mentioning Al Gore’s usage of movie footage and photoshop’ed images to make things seem so much worse than they are. I will not cite any of these things because you can do that via a GOOGLE search or whatever search engine you might fancy. It is all out there for you to find, read and make your own conclusions.

Do not get me wrong, I firmly believe in climate change because it is a matter of fact not fiction but what is being pushed upon the people today is so much less of science than that of a tax and money making scheme. The old adage; ‘follow the money’ still applies and more so in this case.

So what do I really want to say? Just this, I am getting very tired of these ‘Twilight Zone’ claims that are being put forth by both ‘concerned scientists and politicos’. As the John Lennon song says; “Give me some truth”.

Climate scientists like Michael Mann and Phil Jones have refused to produce unaltered data and computer code that they use to produce their findings but that flies in the face of the scientific method that calls for other scientists to be able to reproduce any of the findings the original scientists might claim. These scientists, Mann & Jones et al, point to ‘peer reviewed’ papers as being the only materials that needs to be produced. Unfortunately this will allow any errors that might have gone forth in their research to be hidden from the view of others. This is a very poor scientific practice indeed.

The unaltered data must be made avaliable to all because these data, for the most part, have been collected by tax payer money and will cause many great economic changes to happen over the space of time. But what of the computer code? It has been claimed that this is the ‘personal’ property of the scientists involved, I still question this claim because of the public money that has been spent in these projects but I can put forward a simple suggestion as follows.

If the claims of ‘personal property’ were to be held as true then I would request that a flow chart of all programming algorithms be made avaliable showing clearly exactly what formula has been used, what statistical technics were used and at what point within the data analysis they were employed and for what reasons.

Does this meet the requirements? Is this a reasonable request? Perhaps not considering the situation as it is but it would do an awful lot to help clear the muddied waters that the ‘cult’ of secrecy has caused.

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