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Maine Heritage Policy Center’s Comment on passage of the Healthcare Bill

The Maine Heritage Policy Center Press Release

MARCH 22, 2010

Think Tank Reacts to the U.S. House of Representatives’ Vote to Takeover Health Care in America

PORTLAND – Tarren Bragdon, chief executive officer of The Maine Heritage Policy Center, has issued the following statement on the U.S. House of Representatives’ Sunday night vote in favor of the president’s plan to take over the nation’s health care:

“The vote cast last night was a vote to drastically expand the control the federal government has over the lives of hard-working American families. Make no mistake; the president’s overhaul will raise taxes, raise premiums, eliminate jobs, and raise our national debt to unprecedented levels. Worst of all, the president’s plan will have politicians playing doctor, and authorize them to delay or deny health care to millions of Americans.”

“We know how this movie ends. Maine’s own big government health care debacle, DirigoChoice, has been a colossal failure. We now have more uninsured today than before Dirigo was passed, and premiums for that plan have spiked 88 percent in just five years. And while Dirigo covers just 7,900 people, the program has cost taxpayers more than $160 million. The House vote last night amounts to the enactment of DirigoChoice for the entire country.”

“We are extremely disappointed in Representatives Chellie Pingree and Mike Michaud for disregarding the overwhelming message thousands of Mainers have sent this past year though letters, phone calls, e-mails, petitions and rallies. The votes our representatives cast reveal their allegiance to Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s far left agenda of government control, and it comes at the expense of Maine people. The people of Maine are ashamed of their representation in the United States House of Representatives.”

“Last night’s vote was an assault on the fundamental American values of freedom, individualism and limited government, but this fight isn’t over. The unprecedented level of activism and engagement among Americans to oppose the president’s health care takeover will carry through to the November elections and beyond. We will not be silenced. We will continue to fight to protect Maine families from an intrusive, unaccountable, and now, great expanded federal government.”



Chris Cinquemani, Director of Communications
207.321.2550 (o), 207.240.7090 (m)

The Maine Heritage Policy Center is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, nonpartisan research and educational organization based in Portland, Maine. The Maine Heritage Policy Center formulates and promotes free-market, conservative public policies in the areas of economic growth; tax and fiscal matters; health care; education; constitutional law and government transparency, providing solutions that will benefit the people of Maine. Contributions to The Maine Heritage Policy Center are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Material from this document may be copied and distributed with proper citation.
� 2010 The Maine Heritage Policy Center

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