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Climate Change Isn’t Weather

February 1, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Climate Change Isn’t Weather!
Vincent Werber

Ever since the Climate-gate scandal I have heard this phrase: climate change isn’t weather. Well if that is so than can the reverse be true also, that weather isn’t climate change? I need to think about that for awhile.

I guess from the way the climate ‘scientists’ use the term, climate change isn’t weather until the weather or temperature goes in an upward direction. In other words, weather isn’t climate change until the weather gets somewhat hotter. Somehow that doesn’t seem right to me.

If weather were to be climate change then I have been shoveling climate change off of my door step for the past few weeks and it isn’t none too hot… rather cold really and not much fun to deal with, but that is just my opinion isn’t it?

Now don’t get me wrong, climate change is real! But the climate has been changing on our earth ever since there has been a climate to change. Our earthly climate has gone from very hot to extremely cold and back again, it’s just the natural order of things isn’t it? It is called a cycle… Yes let’s call it the natural cycle of our earthly climate.

Now climate ‘scientists’ claim they can forecast the changes of our climate years into the future… to this I say humbug!!! There are way too many variables and very few constants to allow any such thing, it simply can’t be done with any real confidence. What they can do is GUESS! And that is what they do guess.

Computer models are only good as far as ‘real’ data is concerned but when you add wildly varying data with so many unknowns the equation simply cannot be solved. This being known it is so much of a waste of time compiling models, what should be done is to find all the different elements that should be entered into our equation. These unknowns are what will tell the tale not the faulty models and let’s face it, the models are faulty because we don’t have all of the data!

So what is the Climate Change / Global Warming issue all about??? MONEY! Scientist get to continue chasing their tails looking for something that isn’t real while Countries and States get to collect more and more tax money. That’s all it is… bottom line.

If ‘We the People’ allow this fraud to continue we will get what we pay for… more regulation and taxes. Obama needs to get a clue that the ‘science’ isn’t real and all of his ‘green buddies’, like Al Gore, are nothing more than con artists. But hey! This is the politics of big business isn’t it?

End of rant!

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